Effective Habit: Being Proactive About Safety Compliance

A generation ago, Stephen F. Covey's book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" became a runaway bestseller. And those habits remain highly relevant for both individuals and organizations today.

One of the key habits, Covey contended, is to be proactive. Instead of merely being acted upon, it is usually better to take action in response to challenges.

In this post, we will discuss an example of proactive actions by one company doing business in the Houston area to protect worker safety and prevent OSHA violations.

OSHA, of course, is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The company we are referring to is the one that provides carnival workers for the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show.

The company, Ray Cammack Shows, Inc., is actually based out of state. But through a staffing agency, it provides cowboys and other workers for the Houston rodeo.

These workers are not left to fend for themselves when they put on the rodeo. Their employer, Cammack, is proactive about enforcing a drug-testing policy and providing appropriate safety training.

The drug testing requirements do not only involve testing all new employees. The requirements also include random testing of about a quarter of the workforce every month. The policy is strictly enforced, with no-shows facing termination of their employment.

Safety training is also taken very seriously. The goal is to create a safety-respecting culture, not merely to get ready for annual OSHA inspections.

Yes, traveling carnivals are subject to inspection, just like stationary theme parks. But Cammack is taking proactive steps to comply with all safety requirements.

Source: Houston Business Journal, "At Rodeo Houston, these aren't your typical carnival workers," Mark Yost, March 20, 2014

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