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Dividing Large Marital Estates

Dividing Large Marital Estates
Hendershot, Cannon & Hisey, P.C.

Having a large estate can make for added challenges during divorce, particularly when it comes to property division. Whether spouses are able to communicate and compromise or need to litigate, large estates require a thorough accounting, proper valuation, and creative solutions.

Our Divorce and Family Law team at Hendershot, Cannon & Hisey, P.C. deals frequently with cases involving large estates, as well as the many complexities they introduce. With practices in business law, health care, oil and gas, and other specialized legal areas, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach to address even the most complex industry- and asset-specific property division matters.

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Property Division in Divorce Cases with Large Estates

Large estates can make for complex property division in Texas divorces. Not only will the size of an estate and high net worth create more for spouses to address, the varying types of assets held by these estates will also add to the challenges.

Our legal team has an expansive understanding of the complex and unique assets which may be subject to division in a Texas divorce, including:

Protecting Your Interests With Strategic Solutions

Every case is unique, which is why our firm leverages the experience of Board Certified Family Law Specialist Lennea Cannon and Divorce Attorneys Lori Blackwell and Yoka Larasati to develop tailored strategies and solutions with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Compounded with our business law, health care, and other targeted practice areas, as well as professional connections with various experts and financial specialists, our team is able to address even the most challenging scenarios.

  • Community / Separate Property – Characterizing assets is a considerable endeavor in large estate divorce cases, and requires a meticulous evaluation of what assets and debts are community property (and thus subject to division) or separate property (which are non-divisible assets such as inheritances or property owned before marriage).
  • Forensic Asset Tracing – Complexities abound when it comes to comingled assets, pre- and post-nuptial considerations, potential hidden assets, and disputes over what belongs to whom. Overcoming these issues and accurately characterizing property requires in-depth evaluations and, often for large estates, forensic asset tracing.
  • Valuation – Valuing each and every asset in a large estate can be a major undertaking, especially when those assets are complex financial holdings like varied stocks and securities, or unique and unusual assets like oil and gas interests, businesses (which have tangible assets and intangible goodwill), or medical practices / professional practices subject to unique rules and laws. However, proper valuation and appraisals are essential for determining each spouse’s right to certain shared assets, of which there are many in large estates.
  • Negotiation / Litigation – The ultimate goal in any matter of property division and divorce is to protect your rights and interests as you work toward a resolution. With large and varied estates, this requires creative negotiation and exploration of options such as disproportionate awards, trade-offs for certain desired assets, and offsetting with spousal support (alimony). In some cases, particularly when there is marital fraud / asset hiding and undivided property, communication breakdowns, and general hostility or implacable dispute, temporary orders during the pendency of a case or litigating in court may be necessary.

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Hendershot, Cannon & Hisey, P.C. has earned a regional reputation and national recognition for our work in complex divorce and family law cases. Our services are utilized by individuals and professionals across Houston and the state of Texas, and by those with large estates and considerable property to protect. Our award-winning Houston lawyers know how to protect clients’ property rights and interests.

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