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It's not enough just to have a trademark, patent, copyright or noncompete agreement. You must police it. At Hendershot Cowart P.C., we help our clients prevent, contain, and obtain redress for their intellectual property.

Backed by 100+ years of combined legal experience, our business lawyers have a proven record of getting results for clients in IP disputes of all types, including confidentiality agreements, licensure agreements, non-competes, trademarks and copyrights and other misappropriation of trade secrets. In addition, we aggressively defend our clients against patent infringement claims brought on by evil patent trolls.

Our business law firm has the knowledge of both Texas and federal law to confidently assert or defend your rights in any type of intellectual property dispute. Call (713) 909-7323 or email us to set up a confidential consultation about your case.

What Type of Property or Business Interest Do You Need to Protect?

The specific issue may vary. It could involve ownership of intellectual property when a business dissolves. It could concern copyright or patent infringement, breach of contract, theft of trade secrets or the enforcement of a noncompete agreement. No matter what the specific issue, however, our litigation lawyers take the bull by the horns and proactively develop ways to protect our clients' best interests - whether that involves filing a lawsuit or defending you against one.

Our firm has extensive experience helping clients resolve, dispute or defend intellectual property matters including:

  • Ownership issues when a business is dissolved, sold or undergoes major changes: When business partners decide to reorganize, close or address major changes to their business and relationships, deciding who owns what can be contentious. Even if partners seek to part amicably, disagreements can easily arise. We can help you assert your right to your fair share of trademarks, copyrights, patents and other forms of intellectual property - even if your partners have tried to misappropriate them in some way.
  • Copyright, trademark or patent infringement: The rise of the Internet has led to sharp increases in the number of disputes about unauthorized use of protected property. Our business law attorneys represent companies that include a vast spectrum of sizes and industries. We know how to prosecute or defend against a claim and to determine which remedies to seek in infringement cases, as well as what types of damage claims are warranted.
  • Trade secret violations: The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act protects information that gives one company a competitive advantage over another. We represent both defendants and plaintiffs in cases involving alleged theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use of trade secrets.
  • Non-compete agreements: Non-compete clauses or agreements that restrict an employee's ability to work for a competitor in a certain area for a specified period of time have become increasingly common in many industries. Our Houston non-compete lawyers are well-versed in the evolving nature of Texas' non-compete laws. We aggressively protect your interests whether you are accused of violating an agreement or you are seeking to enforce a non-compete agreement.
  • Physician non-competes: Medical entities have special considerations when adding non-compete clauses to physician employment agreements. Specifically, non-competes must allow physicians to provide continuing acute care to prior patients, access relevant medical records, and must allow the physician to buy out their agreement if he or she chooses.
  • Confidentiality agreements: Confidentiality agreements (also called nondisclosure agreements) arise in various commercial contexts, such as when two companies are considering entering into a licensing agreement or other joint venture. We represent clients seeking to enforce or challenge these agreements and are well-versed in temporary restraining orders, temporary injunctions and permanent injunctions.
  • Non-soliciting personnel and clients: Your business is built on the strength of your team and your client base. It's important to protect your interests once an employee leaves-whether it means protecting your customers or protecting your staff from being wooed away or keeping former partners from attempting to bring clients with them after a relationship is terminated.
  • Non-solicitation for physicians: These agreements protect hospitals from losing patients or staff to physicians who leave or begin their own practice. Like non-competes, these have special considerations for physicians who provide acute care.

Defending Against Patent Infringement Claims

At our Houston-based business law firm, we vigorously defend our clients against patent trolls and other entities that bring claims based on invalid patents. In fact, we dislike patent trolls so much that we dedicated an entire page to defending against patent infringement claims. We invite you to visit this page as well as some of our blogs directly related to patent litigation and patent trolls:

For a confidential consultation with an experienced IP litigation attorney call (713) 909-7323 or contact us online.

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