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Houston Family Law Appeals Attorney

Let Us Give Your Case a Fighting Chance

Divorce can be a long and bruising process. Divulging the details of your marriage to a judge, waiting months or years for a resolution—it's no wonder many look forward to the issuing of final divorce orders. At the end of this process, you at least hoped that you'd emerge with your most critical parental, property and other rights intact.

Yet you may have come out of the divorce process with a sense that the process was deeply flawed, or that there's simply no way the end result could possibly be fair. When that’s the case, your last hope may be with a Houston family law appeal attorney, who can take your case to a higher court for a second chance at a positive outcome.

During this time of uncertainty and pressing urgency to learn your legal options before it's too late, nothing is more important than securing success-driven legal counsel. As one of Greater Houston's most established family law firms, Hendershot, Cannon & Hisey has a reputation for aggressive advocacy grounded in results.

When you think you're at the end of your legal rope, we are ready to take a second look to see if the law can offer additional hope with an appeal.

Discuss your case and your concerns with our team in a confidential consultation—call (713) 909-7323 or contact us online now.

“Do I Have a Case for an Appeal?”

It's important to say upfront that mere disapproval of a divorce order is almost never going to be a valid ground to challenge a divorce order on appeal. If you simply hoped for a larger share of your spouse’s property, or wanted a better deal regarding spousal support, an appeal may not apply in your case.

Where an appealable issue can exist is in cases where a judge grossly misapplied the relevant law in a case, or made procedural decisions that were substantially unfair to one or both parties.

This can include:

  • Refusal to admit testimony that would have strengthened your case
  • Miscalculation of child support amounts

Only an experienced lawyer can carefully analyze the record and determine if appealable errors exist. As a team of seasoned litigators, our family law attorneys are well-versed in the detail-oriented analysis needed to determine when a case is likely to succeed on appeal, and to pursue any and all appeals as quickly as possible.

Appeals in Texas are subject to strict deadlines. Whether you are considering seeking an appeal or suspect your ex-spouse may be weighing his or her options for one, you can't afford to delay getting legal help to begin preparing for the possibility of a protracted legal fight.

Using Appeals as an Advantage in Negotiation

In cases where the judge's abuse of discretion or misapplication of the law is clear, the prospect of an appeal can be an effective way of getting the party that benefitted from the court order to the bargaining table.

Following a long and perhaps even grueling legal process, few individuals would want to subject themselves to the prospect of months or even years of additional litigation. In cases of clear error, both parties may have a strong incentive to bypass the appeals process and negotiate for a settlement to address any grievances.

Whether you are the party who is facing the threat of an appeal or the one seeking to right a wrong, we can carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an appeal head-on and using it as leverage.

The advantage of choosing our firm to handle your potential appeal is our attorneys' ability to take into consideration the many factors that determine whether an appeal is in your best interest. Even where judicial error is clear, it may not always be the wisest course of action to pursue a lengthy and costly appeal.

We don't believe in winning the battle but losing the war, and we position our clients to come out ahead without making them endure a process that is unlikely to be of significant benefit.

In other words, your needs always come first—whatever form our strategy may take.

Find Out if You Have a Case for an Appeal

Hendershot, Cannon & Hisey, P.C. is one of the premier family law firms in Houston for a reason. We are dedicated to our clients for the long term—we know their names, address their worries, and build lasting relationships. Our appellate attorneys craft strong, lasting solutions to the most important problems.

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  • "I needed a divorce attorney & I was lead to the best in Houston. I worked directly with Lennea Cannon. She is sincere, attentive & extremely professional. She keeps you updated explaining the process and sees you through to the very end making it the best experience you can go through although its a tough time in your personal life. I appreciate the heartfelt conversations & support as she gathered information. I will recommend Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon for years to come. Their commitment & work shows you got the right attorney!"

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