Social Media Compliance

Compliance and Company Social Media Efforts

Today’s fast-paced, digital world places many expectations on companies. While time-honored traits like reliability and quality service will always be valuable, businesses in the modern era must also have an online presence, often by way of social media.

Though social media can be a powerful tool for building brands, recognition, and reputation, they pose innumerable dangers and legal risks. Modern companies with plans to build, maintain, or strengthen their social media presence should therefore be mindful of the particular risks and potential legal, professional, or regulatory issues they may face.

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A Social Media Law Practice Serving Texas

Hendershot Cowart P.C. has created a social media law practice precisely to help entrepreneurs, established professionals, and businesses in a range of industries navigate the legal, regulatory, and reputational implications of social media.

From industry-specific rules and regulatory agency oversite to evolving and unique platform guidelines, our Houston attorneys leverage decades of experience in critical areas of law to provide the comprehensive counsel clients need when looking to maximize the benefits of social media, while mitigating risks, liability, and litigation.

Our Social Media Compliance Services Address Areas Critical to Companies:

  • Industry Compliance – Tailored counsel to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations. This includes compliance with content, intellectual property ownership, advertising, and promotions, as well as social medial compliance for businesses and licensed professionals subject to stringent regulatory oversight and marketing, ethical, and professional standards (i.e. attorneys, health and medicine, real estate, banking, consumer finance, securities, broker-advisors, etc.);
  • Risk Management – Innumerable risks lurk within social media, both to brand and bottom line. Constructive legal counsel becomes critical to reducing potential conflict and exposure to liability and litigation – whether it relates to industry, consumer, competitor, or employee claims, or to matters of law involving commerce and marketing, advertising, communications, contracts, labor and employment, privacy and data protection, defamation, false or misleading statements, and cyber litigation.
  • Intellectual Property – The internet is filled with IP poachers and trolls. By taking a compliance-conscious approach to managing and protecting intellectual property, companies can safeguard their most valuable intangible assets, and shield themselves against claims of infringement or Copyright / Trademark violations.
  • Brand and Reputation – Social media platforms provide a space to build brands, but also pose risks for reputational harm. With many heated issues dominating national discourse, even seemingly minor posts or online activities can have consequences. From evaluating tone and risk exposure to establishing social media processes, public engagement, catastrophe management, and conscious perception auditing, experienced counsel can help companies build brand recognition while minimizing exposure to self-harm.
  • Defense – Even with careful consideration of social media efforts, many companies fall under the scrutiny of regulatory authorities for failing to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Should the need for immediate and experienced legal representation arise for matters involving health care (medical boards, Stark Law, HIPAA, FDA), securities and finance (SEC, FINRA), consumer protection (TCPA, FTC), and other enforcement areas, our firm is here to help.

Speak With a Social Media Compliance Lawyer in Texas

Social media is here to stay for the foreseeable future, which is why maintaining a compliant online campaign with limited exposure to violations and costly claims can be so critical to future success. Well-versed in business law, business litigation, health care, and a number of specific industry regulatory landscapes, Hendershot Cowart P.C. helps clients seize opportunities, maintain compliance, and get ahead of curve in a space that’s still evolving.

Call (713) 909-7323 or contact us online to speak with an Attorney about social medical compliance and your legal needs. Our firm serves clients across Houston, the state of Texas, and beyond.

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