About our Firm

One of the things that sets Hendershot Cowart apart from the other firms, is our dedication to our clients. My father taught me a very strong work ethic. And as a result of that, that's what we carry forward throughout our entire practice. No one is gonna be more prepared than we are.

I Think Hendershot Cowart is very good at taking initiative. And, I think this is one of the things that really drives the success of the firm. Is whenever a client comes to us, we initiate the resolution. We initiate the solution. We don't sit back and wait, see what's going to happen. We proactively look at what is the problem? What are the options for a solution? And then we pursue those options.

Disputes don't happen in a vacuum. And so there is family interest. There's business interest. There's all kinds of relationships that you have to manage. And so you just can't make every decision in a dispute about how to win a lawsuit. You also have to be able to give good business advice and deliver solutions to people that actually make sense and benefit them in some way.

We take the time to learn the laws, the rules, the regulations. We take the time to read through everything and discuss all of the nuances of the transaction with our client, and any liabilities that could be associated with our client, any risks they're facing, and what the future could look like with this transaction.

I think one of the best things that we do is our attention to detail. We do spend time upfront hammering out the details. And making sure we have all the facts that we can possibly have before deciding on on a best course of action or advising a client on the types of actions that are available to them.

I think being a great lawyer, you have the ability to empathize with your client and then convince a jury to empathize with your client the same way you do. Being a great lawyer means adopting your client's problem as if it's your own problem and trying to solve it as if it's your own problem. Putting yourself in your client's shoes.

We are your attorney, your team, your law firm for life here at Hendershot Cowart. So when there's a problem, when there's a question, we bring that value to the client of being able to be there to provide a response to each and every legal and regulatory issue that they may have.