Our Approach to Every Matter

I formed this firm based upon my Christian beliefs and my Christian values, and so we carry that through every aspect of how we represent a client. We wanna be incredibly fair and transparent with a client in what their case is. I had time in the military before I started practicing law, and we used what was known as the backwards planning technique. You looked at what your objective was and you planned backwards from there as to how to accomplish that objective, what needs to be done at this time, what needs to be done at this time, what needs to be done at this time, and that's how we approach every matter here at Hendershot Cowart is we look at what the client's objective is. Whatever we're working on, we're gonna be prepared and we're gonna be able to take the fight to the other side. One of the reasons I wanted to go to law school and one of the reasons I wanted to practice law was to be able to help people. Seeing clients accomplish their goals, seeing clients obtain their objectives, if you will, that's just absolute rewarding and why I get up every morning and come in and do this.