Meet The Team

At Hendershot Cowart, the firm culture is very much client service. Looking at the client needs and accomplishing those needs. We have a very collaborative team here that works together on each and every problem, on each and every case, on each and every situation and so that again gets back into the team effort here at Hendershot Coward that we utilize to address each and every matter that a client brings to us so that we can bring every necessary resource to bear on accomplishing the client's goals.

Whenever a client comes in, we want to help them understand the issue, but to help them develop expectations for what's going to happen, you know what the plan is, how we see resolution and how we get there so that at the end of the day, they can look back on this otherwise really unfortunate situation but at least know that they were treated well that they were respected and that they got the result that they needed.

Your attorney, your team, your law firm for life. What that means to me is that our law firm has the talent and the experience to represent you whether you're starting a business or all the way through retirement and everything in between

Your Attorneys here are going to be with you from day one until after your transaction is done whether it's one month from then after you signed on the dotted line or one, two and three years from now. We're always here and we're available to assist you with any need that may arise with something different that may come up in the future. That's what we're here for.

What drives me to work hard is I think two fold. Number one, i just really enjoy what I do and then obviously to work for the client and to accomplish their goals

We will handle any type of litigation from a business. Be it breach of contract, trade secret, trademark litigation we will handle all of that.

We always ask what the client's goals are upfront and we tailor our strategy to meet and exceed client's goals.