Meet Ky Jurgensen

I grew up in Friendswood, Texas and all my family's here, and so after I graduated from law school, I worked briefly in San Antonio and Austin, but I came back here to be closer to my family. What attracted me to business litigation is I really enjoy being in court and arguing in front of juries and in front of judges. I think that those are some of the more complicated cases to work on, and so that's why I got into it. Any good attorney has to have a really, really strong attention to detail. and particularly if you wanna be in court, and if you want to be effective for clients in litigation and trials, you have to be persuasive speaker, you have to be comfortable on your feet, and you have to enjoy it. And I think I do all those things fairly well. What attracted me to probate work is that for those clients it's typically the very first time they'll ever have to hire an attorney. And it's incredibly difficult thing to go through a personal loss. But then after that's over with, there is a whole reckoning that has to be done with someone's estate and you have to deal with all these different details and it's incredibly complicated and you need an attorney to help you through that. And being able to help people out with that is very personally rewarding.