Business Owner / Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes by their very nature are just inherently complex. You're supposed to have a set of documents that describe how the shareholders are going to function. What are the controls, what are the duties, what are the responsibilities. In a perfect world, you would have those documents, but then there's the more common case when a client comes to you and says, I'm having a dispute with my partner, I'm having a dispute with my shareholder, and you ask the question, can I see the documents? And they say, well, we never got around to doing that. And so when that's the case, you have to fall back on the code sections that would apply, and then you have to look at what are the facts that got us to this? Some of the most frequent actions or inactions that we see that lead to business disputes are just as life goes on. As you move through a business, there may be an older shareholder and a younger shareholder and their station in life may change as we go. Somebody wants to start retiring while somebody wants to work harder, and so we see those type of disagreements come out. When there is any type of fraud involved, if someone's not being transparent with the books and records, those are times that we see business disputes arise. And once we understand your position on the facts, and from there we can talk to you about the process and lay out a plan of action for you.