Our Business Law Practice

We handle a broad variety of business litigation and commercial cases. If I had to drill it down into the main three, so to speak, breach of contract areas,
dealing with multiple types of contracts, everything from construction agreements to non-compete agreements, we deal with transactional matters of putting businesses together, creating businesses, and then we deal with regulatory matters. Some of the many benefits that this law firm brings by having our representation in your business litigation matter is our experience. First and foremost, we've been there, done that before, and so we spend time regularly in courtrooms, regularly in arbitration, so we know and understand what judges are looking for when you're making a presentation to them.
Secondly, we know and understand the law, and so we know how to take the law and apply it to your particular facts. And third is our preparation. We are not going to be out-prepared by the other side at any point in time. Well, some of the things that I want clients to know as they come to us is we have dealt with the types of problems that come in our door on a daily basis, for me personally, for in excess of 30 years, and so we're able to take a client's situation, take a client's problem, and help them go through that problem and we wanna talk with them along the way. I tell clients if you're worried about something,
if you hear something, pick up the phone and call me because the best way that I can represent you as a client is to talk with you and have an open line of
communication with you and make sure you understand at all times what's going on, what's being done to accomplish your desired result.