Health Care Compliance for Your Practice

What's important about Health Care Compliance? In days gone by, it used to be that the Office of Inspector General wanted to see that you had a compliance program and a binder on the shelf. Now it's expected that, that Health Care Compliance program be fully and appropriately implemented within the practice within the healthcare organization. And what this means is you have the program that it be uniquely tailored to each particular practice, and that you actually be implementing the elements of that program. This means having a compliance officer, having a compliance committee, having appropriate training with respect to healthcare compliance. Having an ability to report violations where the person reporting those violations knows that there's not gonna be retaliation against them. And then having an appropriate investigation provision in there and how the investigations will take place. And then having the consequences for violations specifically spelled out. When clients call and say, "Wow, there's just so much stuff that goes into this compliance program. I don't know what to do." My first saying is, "Catch a breath, we can get you through it because we've done it before." And so we can help them design the appropriate compliance program that meets the elements that we're required to have in a compliance program. And that is uniquely tailored
to that particular practice. So we can truly take your practice and help you design a uniquely tailored compliance program that fits your practice, that accomplishes all the required elements. And then we help you implement that.