Wills and Probate Litigation

Some of the estate litigation matters we handle on behalf of clients are the admission of wills to probate, handling disputes regarding the administration of the estate, or bad acts by the executor or the administrator of the estate. We also represent folks dealing with contesting wills, and we also represent people involved in trust disputes. If the person died with a will, the regular process is that the beneficiaries or someone interested in the estate, a family member usually, will take the will to court and have it admitted to probate, which in plain English just means have the judge review the will and confirm that it was validly executed and that it meets all the different legal requirements to be a will under Texas law. I think our law firm, in addition to having just years and years of litigation talent, the group of attorneys who also handle probate-related litigation is much smaller, and so having both of those skillsets in one firm is what sets us apart.