Our Business Litigation Practice

Hendershot Cowart handles most types of business litigation. We do everything from shareholder partnership disputes, breach of contract cases, construction litigation, enforcement of non-compete agreements, and defense against non-compete agreements. We also have quite a few cases involving the Texas Uniform Trade Secret Act.

We also handle trademark infringement, copyright infringement, that intellectual property component of business litigation.

In terms of business disputes, no matter what kind of dispute it is, the kind of the starting place is always just to figure out, get your arms around what is the dispute in the first place. And then once you kind of understand what's at the heart of the dispute, then you can start to put a plan into place in terms of how to resolve the dispute.

Disputes don't happen in a vacuum. They happen with real business relationships. And so the idea really is to find ways and find leverage points for your client and then advocate for those in a way to resolve the dispute.